Mar 13

Looking On The Bright Side of Treats

When Do You Give Your Dogs a Special Treat?

Every so often, our dogs are spoiled with the special treats we give them. Considering the many kinds of treats sold in the market, we sometimes cannot decide which is the best for our pet. It is suggested that in order for us to know which treat is good or bad for our pet dog, that we check the kind of ingredients that went into the dog treats.

One thing we keep in mind is to give our dog the treats that will suit them best. Dogs are not alike even if coming from the same breed, and they have their own individual personality and health. Look at how active is your dog, check his weight and size, what are his known food allergies, and so on.

In many pet stores, specially formulated treats are available for every type of breed of dogs. These treats have ingredients that are easy to digest and are guaranteed to be safe for your dogs to eat. Your dog is safe having these dietary treats even if these cost a little more money.
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Dogs that are really active like those competing in contests or shows, a more protein and fat in his diet compared to normal dogs is the best diet program to go. In order for your show dog or active dog to be able to do his routines, the extra fat and protein would be a big help.
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Bear in mind the reason behind why you are giving your pet dog some treats. Be mindful of the following reasons like, are you just spoiling your dog, or you are giving it for training purposes, or you are giving the treats to satisfy your pet while you are gone, and so on. Be aware that giving your pet dogs the treats more than often can lead to obesity that could lead to problems in the future.

When giving your dog treats in learning new tricks or training purposes, make it a reward of good behaviour, and make it just small bites that he can chew at once.

The treats that are good for the maintenance of dental health are bones and rawhide chews, plus these treats give your pet something to occupy his time.

One way of always keeping in mind the health of your dog when buying treats is to read the labels carefully. Aside from reading the label carefully, you can also ask beforehand your veterinarian on what to watch out for to keep your dog safe.

Dog treats are for special treat for your dog and not as the main diet.