Aug 16

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How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth.

Family dental care is vital and should be a priority. Healthy teeth promote the general health of your body. What is more, you do not have to be worried about turning off people due to bad breath. Additionally, you can show off the long awaited smile when you maintain healthy teeth. That certainly boosts your self confidence. It is vital to brush your teeth everyday for them to remain healthy and white. However, most kids do not understand the importance of brushing teeth. To them, this exercise is a chore that they avoid. However, the solution does not lie in beating your kids or punishing them. In contrast, that might result in your kid being rebellious. Here are tricks to motivate your child to take brushing seriously.

You ought to demonstrate to your babies that their teeth are dirty. Most kids will not believe you when you tell them that sugar causes cavities to form. If your kids are like that, allow them to eat throughout the day then show them. You ought to buy disclosing tablets from the chemist nearest to your home. Then, give them to the kids to chew at night and their color shows the location of plaque. The experiment is enough to show them that brushing is indeed important.

You must also make the activity enjoyable by encouraging kids to make bubbles. When bubbles form, it also means that the kids are brushing well. You should have a small competition for your children and reward the one that makes the most bubbles in one night. That will get them excited and brush thoroughly to make as many bubbles as possible.

Additionally, encourage your children to brush when close to their toys. Children love dolls because they provide company and entertainment. You might suggest to them that their dolls become happy when they brush. Most kids will share with their toys everything you say to them about brushing.

You ought to also allow your kids to pick the toothpaste and toothbrush they want to use. An old toothbrush with dull colors can turn off your child. Things might be different if the toothbrush is colorful with an image of his best cartoon creature. Additionally, toothpastes for adults are mostly sour and your babies might be turned off. Hence, find out their favorite flavor and ask them to join you when shopping so that they pick their favorite toothpaste. Also, sing a song when brushing as the rhythm makes the activity fun. You can also use other enjoyable tactics such as making your child look at a timer or hourglass as he brushes.

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