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Considerations When Choosing A Water Tank

Water storage tanks, also referred to as cisterns, are fundamentally used to store water for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes. The end user of clean water is the most important entity as to the reason why the water is being stored in the first place; and so the reservoirs facilitate safe consumption by ensuring that the water is not contaminated.

Commercial water storage tanks are becoming a common feature in everyday life with more people discovering the benefits of having control over fresh water supply. Water storage tanks act as catchment tools for water from rain, rivers, springs etc so as to purify the water to standards that are acceptable for human consumption. For commercial or industrial use of water, there are only two main types of reservoirs available in the market; elevated and underground types.

Underground tanks are used to store automotive fuels and other liquids that are acidic or of hydrocarbon nature. depend on the substance store in the ground reservoirs, they can either be covered or remain uncovered. Ground storage can be built below ground, partially below ground or above ground but aided with a pump. Non-flammable substance and water can comfortably b stored in the elevated water reservoirs because they pose no potential harm or damage to the humans.

In the market today, there exist only two types of commercial water tanks and they are steel tanks and standpipes. The most striking feature of the standpipe type of commercial water tank is the fact that they are high rise circular in shape. The conspicuous form or appearance of the elevated tanks is that they are mounted on one pillar with beautiful finishing.

When one is considering to buy a water tank, it is important to remember that not all tanks are the same. Whether you decide to store potable water, wastewater, chemicals or other liquids , it is crucial for you to bear in mind that each material has it own specific requirement. Commmercial or industrial water tanks can either be made of plastic or galvanized steel.

Regular iron sheets when coated with zinc alloy constitute the galvanized compound used to make industrial water tanks. Rusting or corroding nature of iron is curbed by the application of zinc alloy on its outer coat. If zinc mixes with stored water, then a horrible metallic taste will be developed; this unpleasant occurrence of stopped by additional reinforcement of inner poly lining. The joints on the galvanized water tank are in such a way that there are no leakages. The galvanized water tanks come in different shapes and sizes. Mounting the galvanized tank is a straightforward task. Uneven surface will damage the base of the tank.

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